Here at Apolitical Primate we understand, you’re over it. All the spewing of unsubstantiated complaints, […]

Here We Go Again

Do you know people who constantly rant about politics? Sure you do. On social media, […]

When You Really Listen

There is so much about the human mind that we don’t understand. Like how so […]

You Poor Sap

What passes for political debate on social media and in the mainstream media is killing […]

Come Outside Already

What can you do when a friend insists on spewing his ill-informed, unoriginal, half-baked political […]

Stopping Roger

They mean well. At least that’s what we tell ourselves when friends, loved ones, co-workers […]

Let Me Stop You

Political dialogue can be so tiring. Especially in today’s climate with so much misinformation, second […]

No Rest

If you’re fortunate enough to find a quiet place, shelter from the political storm,the temptation […]

Sit Tight

There seems to be no rest for us politically weary. Not even a mouthful of […]