About Us

Welcome to Apolitical Primate.

Not to be confused with “a political primate”. At Apolitical Primate we are decidedly apolitical.

Apolitical is defined as “Not political, having no interest or involvement in political affairs.”

We live in a highly politicized world. And Apolitical Primate was founded in 2016, a presidential election year in the USA, the year of Brexit which saw the people of the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union. Politics is everywhere.

But not here. We needed a respite, a little calm from the gathering political storm. So Professor Primate mustered his substantial influence and started Apolitical Primate.

Here you will find images and messages to provide some relief, if only momentary, from the political whirlwind that has invaded nearly every other corner of the Internet, social media, traditional media and life itself.

We hope you enjoy the effort.

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